Our Mission

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The love for animals is one of the purest forms of love there is. I’m not gonna lie, I love anything beauty too. Combined the love for both and suddenly Bunny Beauty Box was born. 
Not all of us might be vegan but at least our consciousness has shifted and you do care about your cosmetics being cruelty-free. Congrats on that!!! We have to start somewhere and nothing happens over night. 

Every year millions of animals, mostly Beagles and bunnies, are poisoned and tortured in experiments for consumer products. With every dollar you spend you are casting a vote towards the kind of world you want. 
It was a long journey for me too to step-by-step cut out meat, dairy-products, eggs and NON-cruelty-free cosmetics out of my life and I believe everyone should do any of these steps on their own pace if they decide to do so. Meanwhile we’re here to inspire, educate and help transition to all beautiful things cruelty-free. Together we can make a difference. 
Thanks for joining this journey and our cruelty-free vision of beauty! 


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